Waxing & Threading

Should you wax or thread excess hair? At Beauty Elements Medical Spa we offer both hair removal treatments so that you can decide on the best care for you. Our hair removal services in Toronto are available for different areas of the body, from eyebrows to full back. To help you select the best method of hair removal, we’ve compiled the top questions our clients ask.

Waxing vs Threading

What’s the difference between waxing and threading?

A wax treatment removes hair with the use of hot wax and paper strips. The wax is applied to the skin requiring hair removal and the paper is placed on top of the wax. The paper is then stripped off in a quick, smooth action, taking any unwanted hair with it.

A threading treatment removes hair with each pass of thread. Our experts use the thread to twist and roll over unwanted hair at the follicle level. Unlike waxing, threading removes hair little by little.

Which is more painful waxing or threading?

A wax has a similar sensation of pulling off a bandaid whereas threading feels similar to tweezers.

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Full face waxing/Threading$50
Eyebrow waxing/Threading$20
Upper lips$15
Eyebrow & Upper lips$30
Stomach or Buttocks$30
Abdomen Trail$20
French Bikini$45
Brazilian$65 & up
Full Arm$50
Half Arm$25
Full Leg$65
Half Leg$30
Full Back (men)$50
Half Back (men)$30
Full Back (women)$50
Half Back (women)$30
Full Body
Full leg, full arm, underarm, bikini
Full Body
Full leg, full arm, underarm, brazilian
Full Body
Full leg, full arm, underarm, bikini, stomach & back
Full Body
Full leg, full arm, underarm, brazilian, stomach & back