Signature Facials

Beautiful woman at a facial massage at a spa salon

The Beauty Element’s signature facial is perfect for any skin type. Your skin will feel refreshed and restored to its health and natural balance.

Find the best signature facial for you:

Express Facial

A refreshing facial designed for all skin types.

30 mins | $40

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Hydrating Facial

A classic facial customized for dry and dehydrated skin.

60 mins | $85

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Purifying Facial

A deep cleansing facial designed to combat oily and combination skin types.

60 mins | $85

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Recovery Facial

A calming facial designed for sensitive, fragile and reactive skin types. This facial treatment will help reduce redness and soothe and relieve discomfort within the skin.

60 mins | $95

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Rejuvenating Facial

An advanced anti-aging facial formulated to hydrate dry and mature skin. This facial treatment will help refine the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while enhancing your skin’s elasticity.

60 mins | $105

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